Breakfast Hash-brown Omelet!!


1-2 potatoes or more if you are super hungry
1-2 Tbls flax seed
Seasonings of your choice.  I used garlic and onion pwd to taste.


Mushrooms, bell peppers, unions, anything that you want to stir fry.


Grate the potatoes on a small edged grater.  You can leave the skins on or off.  Rise them good in cold water.  Put them on a tea towel, and ring them out good.

Place them on a hot waffle iron.  While they are cooking, fry the other vegetable in a hot skillet with water and seasonings.

When the hash browns are done, take them off the iron, and onto a plate.  Put the veggies on half of the hash brown and fold it over.  I used a bit of ketchup on mine.



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barbara beykovsky said...

I’d like to try this but no waffle iron. Any ideas on how to cook the potato to get a similar result.