I Just Don't Understand People!

     Since working at the local hospital, I have come in contact with a great many people, and I have talked to many of them about diet.  I am a CNA, so we do so much for these people that I see all day long.  There are so many cases of strokes, heart attacks, and broken bones.  Some people are so sad! They have so much to deal with after a stroke.  Some have what is called aphasia.  People that have left sided weakness sometimes struggle with aphasia which is the inability to speak or sometimes understand what is being spoken to them.  A stroke on the left side causes aphasia because your language center is in the left side of your brain.  Sometimes an arm or a leg are often affected to the point of being in a wheelchair the rest of their lives.

     A great many of our patients have diabetes.  Finger sticks are a common occurrence with every meal served and sometimes before bed.  One patient sticks out in my mind.  He is one of our bigger patients.  His numbers fluctuate all day long.  His wife (bless her heart) brings in all kinds of goodies for him.  LOTS of fast food, but he has told the nursing staff that as long as he can take his insulin, it's all good!  Excuse me what????  He has cancer, and we all know that sugar feeds cancer.  I don't understand!  His life is on the line!  He could rid himself of diabetes if he would change a few things. Get rid of the soda for one!  Then all animal products!  I chatted with him about a plant based diet, and he had no interest.  If my life was on the line, I would do everything I could to change the outcome.

     I have sent out articles to friends about all kind of diseases, and I get the cold shoulder.  Now I know not everyone agrees with my weird ideas.  Not everyone is ready to give up their hamburgers, milk shakes, and CHEESE!  After all a bit of olive oil, or a smidge of dairy isn't going to hurt once in a while.  A youtuber whom I love dearly, Jill McKeevor with Simple Daily Recipes said on one of her films, "well I will eat just Thanksgiving, or Christmas, or Easter or birthday dinners, or an Uncle's dinner, but it all adds up!"  It all causes issues!

     What is it about people, what are they afraid of?  What drives them to continue to eat until they are sick and dying?  I have started to read The Pleasure Trap by Doug Lisle.  It talks about why we do the things we do.  It's because of that dang dopamine in our brains the feel good hormone.  When we eat things we shouldn't, it causes us to want more and more.  I think I have touched on this before.  Great read by the way!

     At any rate, I'm so thankful for the research I have done.  For changing my diet and feeling soooo much better!  It's a trade off like my husband says.  You either eat garbage and feel terrible, or you eat food that might take some getting used to, and feel 100% better!  I belong to an osteoarthritis group on facebook, and many times have told them if they will just change their diets things will improve.  It takes a bit for your body to detox so that you will feel better, but it will!  Most people just give up. Back to their crummy way of eating.  Isn't there a saying eat drink and be merry, for tomorrow you may die?  I would rather live a healthy life filled with family and friends and die from old age in my sleep then die from some disease that will ravage my body.  When things get tough, just keep swimming.  You may fall off the wagon from time to time, but just climb back up!

Thrive Market

     I watch YouTube a lot!  I have been seeing a lot about Thrive Market, and people will say how great it is.  I went back and forth trying to decide if this would be worth it to try.

     Well this week I finally gave in, and Thrive did not disappoint!  I got all this, and started my membership with a free month.  This cost me 40.00 but I saved 50.00.  My first 3 orders I get 20.00 off.  Shipping was free, and always is if you order 49.00 worth of items.  Totally worth it when you think you don't have to go to Whole Foods or any store for that matter.

     Another perk to belonging to Thrive is for every membership, Thrive will donate to a family or a person in need.  For instance, they will give a free membership to those that qualify.  It's a win win for everyone.

     If you want to get your first 30 days free and 20 off your first three orders, use this code http://thrv.me/YzfREK  Don't wait like I did, I'm so happy I joined!  Let me know what you think!

Sugar! Huge Addiction

    The definition of addiction is:  the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity.  

     Who has an addiction?  None of us are exempt.  Weather it's pornography, alcohol, cigarettes, food, tanning, exercise!  There are a ton of addictions out there.  I work at a hospital, and a patient that I worked with was addicted to keeping a oximeter prob (measures the amount of oxygen in your system) on her finger.  Also keeps track of heart rate, and she would not take it off.  She was obsessed or "addicted".  

     So why are there things we are addicted to?  Wait!!!  I forgot to tell you, that my addiction is SUGAR!  I continue to try to rid myself of the stuff.  Why are we addicted?  What causes us to crave these things?  One word.  Our brain!  Actually that is two, but you get the picture.  

     Our brain produces a chemical called dopamine.  It's the feel good hormone.  When we are addicted to something, weather it be alcohol, drugs, sex, or food that hormone is triggered.  It's the feel good hormone, or reward and pleasure center of the brain.  

     When I eat sugar that dopamine is released.  It's a reward for me, and the more I eat the more I want.  This past year Americans have eaten more sugar than ever before, 160 pounds to be exact per person per year. Think about it though sugar is in everything!  From ketchup to bread, potato chips, canned soups etc.  It's hard to get away from sugar and the industry knows that if they put it in everything, you will buy more of their products.  Why, because it's addicting and you will end up buying more and more.   

     However, there is one way to rid yourself of sugar.  Learn to read labels.  Sugar has a lot of names, 56 to be exact.  For a listing of these sugars check out this link    https://www.thecandidadiet.com/56-names-sugar-eating-realize/  Truly blows my mind.  So here is the thing.  We all need to educate ourselves to reading labels.  The two most important things I look for when buying a processed food are oil, and sugar.  

     What exactly does sugar do to our bodies?  Whenever I have a nutritional question, I head over to nutritionfacts.org.  Dr. Gregor can answer almost any question you have about nutrition.  Here is a video about sugar, and how it affects our bodies.  None of it is good.  https://nutritionfacts.org/video/how-much-added-sugar-is-too-much/  Nutrition Facts.org has a whole slew of videos about sugar.  

     What about natural sugars in fruits?  This brings me into another subject.  Eating a Whole Foods Plant Based Diet is one of the best ways to nourish our bodies.  If we just eat the whole food, and steer clear of processed foods, we can overcome so many adverse affects from sugar. 

     Why is it so hard to give up?  Well here comes the dopamine thing again.  It makes us feel good!  Right this minute, I'm trying so hard to rid myself of sugar.  I haven't succeeded very well.  There was one week where I didn't have any.  Then I went to work, and the nurses had brought all kinds of junk food.  I guess I need to stay out of the break room.  

     If anyone has any ideas on how to get rid of a sugar addiction, I would appreciate feedback on this article, and if you could comment below so that everyone in this discussion can benefit.  

     Have an awesome week with NO sugar!