Young Living Essential Oils

     For about 4 years I have wanted to start an Essential Oils business.  I have been extremely interested in them for quite some time.  It never really seemed like the right time, or I didn't have the funds to do so.

     My hubby got a really good job and things have come together for us.  So after he got his job, I purchased a premium essential oils kit.  It wasn't until after I had also done some serious research regarding these oils.  It truly amazes me how expensive pharmaceuticals are and the damage that they do to our bodies.

     Being in the medical field for as long as I have has taught me a lot.  Big pharma and doctors work together to keep us in the lap of sickness.  I do believe there are good doctors out there that want to help us though.  There are also some diseases that definitely need a doctors care.  I have a blood clotting disorder and will be on blood thinners the rest of my life.  There is no getting around this issue and I need my doctors help.  However, there are prescription drugs that are dangerous.  I have a friend that is over weight and because of it she has a bad back and just sore all over.  She is a young 32 years old.  She went to her doctor and asked if there was any medications that would help her lose weight.  Indeed there is!  Now she and her mother are on a drug that curbs the appetite and helps to loose those unwanted pounds.  The drug is called ephedrine.  It used to be in a drug called Fen Fen.  The FDA got rid of that medication because it was causing heart issues and death!  Ephedrine is still around and doctors are prescribing it for weight loss.  Here is the catch though, a person can only be on it for 3 months and then they have to be off of it for 6, and then back on for 3 etc.  It can't be good for you if you have to take time off!  Pure poison!  Learn how to eat, exercise and lose weight the good old fashion way.  Also birth control pills, that are causing strokes.  I could go on and on.

     How about the drugs we have in our medicine cabinets.  Tylenol, Ibrophen, antacids, etc.  They all have warning labels on them, they all have side effects.  These medications will help a myriad amount of issues from headaches, sore throats, body aches etc.

     Now Essential Oils can help with all the issues listed above, but they are made with plants!  It just made sense to me to use them for medicinal uses along with eating a plant based diet.  Why not!  When we apply medicines on our bodies and they absorb through our skin, they can help or hinder our bodies.  Have you even known anyone that wears a nicotine patch or a pain patch on their skin?  Our skin is the biggest organ, and absorbs may things through it including Essential Oils.

     Now I'm sure you have all seen "Essential Oils" at Walmart, Target, etc.  Please don't buy them there.  They are not pure even though they state that they are.  There may be 5% of the oil and the rest are fillers laced with chemicals.  Remember that's what we want to stay away from.  There are two good companies to buy from.  Doterra Oils, and Young Living.  I now work for Young Living, and I love their oils.  I will post my link to my website below if you want to know more, or purchase them.  Because I bought a premium kit, I can purchase my oils at a 24% discount.  If you would like to do the same, you don't have to sell them, just purchase and enjoy at a discount.  Good oils are expensive!  It takes a lot of plants to make the oils pure.

     I'm excited to start my journey with Young Living.  I wish I had know about them a long time ago.  Since starting them 3 weeks ago, I haven't had a Tylenol.  I used peppermint for my headaches, a good carrier oil (like coconut oil or almond oil) and panaway for body aches and I feel so much better.  I still have a lot to learn.  There are so many oils out there that can help us and our families become and stay healthy!