It's funny how your life brings you to different things.  I was introduced to Melaleuca many years ago when we lived up in the Coeur D Alene area.  It seemed like a good company, and I liked the products.  My friend sent me a sample of the lotion and I loved it.  At the time I didn't want or thought I needed anymore stuff in my house, so I thanked her and still remained friends on social media.

     2 years later, after both my boys graduated from college, I again discovered Melaleuca.  Probably not the way you think though.  My boys graduated from the IT program through University of Idaho and BYUI.  Both got jobs at Melaleuca in their cyber security offices.  When I went to see my boys a few weeks ago, they took me on a tour of the place of employment, and I was impressed that the company runs debt free.  They own the huge building that is pictured below!  That thing is a castle!

     My oldest also took me to the Melaleuca store, and I was blown away with all the products!  They have nutrition, medicine cabinet, beauty, household, essential oils, and bath and body!  Everything is natural and made just before they deliver so it's all fresh.  Products are made from plants!  Their household products are amazing, and cut through lime build up better than the store lime away.  He also started using the Renew lotion, and his eczema has cleared up! 

     So what happens to your body when you use the cheap products from the stores.  Woman run into this more than men probably because men never clean house.  lol  Anyway, there was a 20 year study on the effects that household cleaners had on people.  28 researchers followed more than 6000 people, and discovered that women that used household cleaners once a week lost as much lung capacity as someone that smoked 1 pack of cigarettes a day for 20 years!  YIKES!  I can believe it!  Have you ever walked down the cleaning isle of the grocery store and smelled all the cleaning products?  Yuck!  Reference is below.

     Now, I know what you are thinking.  I was with Young Living just in February.  I love essential oils, but I cannot afford to buy them from Young Living or DoTerra because they are MLM companies.  They have to jack up the prices so they can pay their employees.  Melaleuca is run differently.  We just recommend people to shop for things that they would normally buy at the store anyway, and pay a lot less.  Their products are very consecrated,  so they last longer.  They also have 640 affiliates where you can shop online, get discounts and earn loyalty points from free Melaleuca products.  Win Win.  Love this company, love the products, love the business plan, love what it can do for your health, and your pocketbook.

     Please contact me for more information.  Eat right and be healthy, but don't settle for cheap products that will make you sick!