It has been a very long time since I have written an article about anything.  I have been a slug on a great many things including my diet.

     I can't remember if I had said anything about a new diagnosis that I got 2 years ago this month.  I was working at the hospital and I couldn't breath.  My heart rate was up and my blood pressure was through the roof.  One of the nurses took me to the ER and there I found out that I had experienced a pulmonary embolism.  For those of you that don't know what that is, it's blood clots that go to your lungs.  This could have been my last day on earth as they very dangerous.  They gave me a blood thinner and sent me home.  I drove home!  I was surprised that they didn't admit me because when this happened 7 years before I was put in the hospital.

     The next day I called my doctor, and he ordered me new thinning medication, and wanted me to get a blood test to see if I had APS.  Antiphosoliqid syndrome.  I thought nah, I didn't have this.  The testing would continue over 3 months, with the last test being positive.  Dandy!  What now?  Well come to find out, I would be on thinners the rest of my life.

     That's when the depression kicked in.  I had no energy for ANYTHING!  Including cooking.  I mean I didn't eat any animal products, but I started eating vegan junk food.  Sugar also, and high fat foods.  Guess what?  I gained weight.  Gee no big surprise there.  That has continued until just recently.

     I changed doctors because I had done some research into the blood thinner that I was on.  I discovered that it wasn't for people like me with this autoimmune disease.  I called my doctor, and he said you will be fine.  That is for people that have a worse case than you.  I was not satisfied with that answer.  (So here's the thing; you have to take charge of your health.  You have to read and research and pray about what needs to be done)

     Working at the hospital, I have a pluthera of doctors around my desk all day.  I asked the one I like the best about this syndrome.  He is an internist (the best in Boise), and he researched it, talked to a rheumatologist, and he told me that my study was correct.  I needed a different blood thinner.  One that is a bit more time intensified.  He wanted me to come into his clinic and have a check up.  This is when he ran some blood work on me.

     He ran cholesterol, A1C or blood sugar as you might know.  Those numbers came back, and he told me that I had DIABETES and needed to go on medication to lower those numbers.  More depression, but more research.  I looked up everything I could to find out what I could do to lower my glucose levels.  I came across two guys on Youtube who both have type 1.  I have type 2.  Which if you have it, type 2 is much better as you can reverse it.  No cure for type 1.  Well that was a blessing.  Anyway, these guys both said you can reverse type 2, and really I knew that but I needed more info.  Sometimes ignorance is bliss, but not when it come to your health.  I didn't not want to go on more medicine.  I hate drugs!

     I told my doctor that I didn't want to go on medication, that I would start eating better and exercising.  He said great!

     So here I am, ready to rededicate myself to healing my body.  This morning I woke up and did a light workout.  I haven't done this in maybe a year.  I'm pooped!  It could be worse though!

     We have many patients that come to our rehab hospital that don't take care of their sugars.  They have had toes removed, limbs removed, are blind from this dreadful disease.  Now I could be all depressed again, and eat whatever the heck I want, but where will that get me?

     If you have diabetes, I urge you to watch the video below.  Take care of yourself!  It's never too late.  Yes the holidays are here, but do you want to be well or sick.  Do it before it's too late!