One Diet Isn't For Everyone

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     I have been on this journey for 7 years, and have tried this that and the other.  I have dabbled with many recipes, so awesome and some  so gross.  I have had ups and downs along the way.  I have cut sooo many things out of my diet.  Example: meat, dairy, sugar, oil, salt, whole foods that cause kidney stones like chocolate, spinach, etc.  Is there anything else that I have cut?  I don't think so, and yet I still am having a hard time loosing weight.  I'm eating a ton of food.  I believe it has to do with my age.

     When I first started, I lost 30 lbs off the bat, and really only 5 has come back on.   The standard American diet (SAD) just was keeping me sick and overweight, and I will NEVER go back to that way of eating.  I want to live a long healthy life, I want to see my grandchildren get married etc.  With that being said, what whole foods plant based diet is the best for you?!  You have some plant based docs saying that we should eat nuts, and other say no fat not even healthy fats!  I don't agree with this unless of course you have heart disease and you are trying to reverse that disease.  Our bodies need to have those healthy fats to function, healthy fats in meaning nuts, seeds and avocados.  The hydrogenated fats like in peanut butters and processed foods are not healthy and keep us fat.  Girls that have periods, if they cut out all fats, their periods stop.  Not healthy!   There are doctors that say eat only starch, and others say minimize starch and grains.  There are so many people who are sick that do need to follow a specific way of eating.  I for one am still overweight, and trying so hard to get it taken care of, but who do you follow?

     I have been following Dr. Furhman because his way of eating seems to be more healthy than anyone.  Our bodies need high nutrient diets!  We need all those nutrients that whole foods has to offer.  Our systems, or microbiomes need that fiber to eat and be healthy, so they don't eat away at the linings of our guts and give us leaky gut syndrome.  I'm just learning more and more about our gut microbiom.  Truly fascinating!

     Anyway, what way of eating for me, is not always the answer for others.  I believe though that a plant based diet no matter what form you follow, is the best way of eating.  Animal products in any form are bad for your body, bad for the environment.  Do your research, try new things dabble in recipes and if you like something on my blog that is gross, good for you!  In some respects it's a bit frustrating to try and figure out who is right and who is wrong.  There are so many opinions out there, which is why we need to research things out and decide what we really need to do for us.