This Has Been Quite the Month

     This week I go in for a kidney stone removal.  I'm a little apprehensive.  Of course with any surgeries there are risks.  I am on blood thinners because I have a clotting disorder, so I will be on blood thinners for life.  The surgeon is keeping me on those thinners because the surgery doesn't involve any cutting.  They will just go up in side, grab those stones and out they will come.  The surgery is all of 60 - 80 minutes long, but I'm looking forward to being done and feeling better!  I have been in pain for over a month with these dang things.  I have heard it is worse than child birth, but given I have only had C-sections and so I don't know about the labor thing. 

     This past week I went in for pre-admission testing.  They didn't have to draw blood as I had a bunch of blood test a couple of weeks ago to find out what was going on with this clotting disorder.  Everything else looked good with my blood work.  My cholesterol was just right, as was everything else.  My blood pressure was normal as well. 

     My nurse said you are very healthy for your age!  I was so tickled that she said that.  There are some things that diet just can't fix like my APS (antiphosolipid syndrome) or clotting disorder.  It can fix kidney stones though.  I just need to drink a ton of water, which I have already started to do.  Once these bad boys come out, it's a gallon of water for me every day. 

     I have read articles that a whole foods plant base diet can cure so many issues.  MS, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure just to name a few  Are you willing to do what it takes to cure your diseases?  It's a trade off.  You either eat really clean and enjoy life to it's fullest without disease, or you eat things that might taste good for a second.  It's totally up to you! 

     I am almost 60 years old!  (How did that happen???)  At any rate, I'm a healthy 59 year old woman, who can see many more years to come, and feeling well enough to enjoy life. 

     Keep me in your thoughts and prayers this coming week!  I make the Calcium stones!  Look how jagged they are!  YIKES!
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