Have you ever been stressed?  Upset, uptight?  Nah you say?  You are lying!  This world is full of many stresses.  Working too much, not working at all, health concerns, kids, school etc.  Life is full of ups and downs.

     Last November I was at work.  I work at a rehab facility in Boise, and if I have talked about this before forgive me, but I do have a point that I will get to.  I was driving to work, and not feeling my best.  I have to leave a 6:10 so that I can start my shift at 7.  That right there is a stresser.  Anyway, I was feeling short of breath.  Much like when I had a pulmonary embolism 5 years ago.  I didn't think much of it, and continued on with my day.  Around 11:00 in the morning, my heart started to race, with more shortness of breath.  I went to talk to the charge nurse to explain my symptoms, and he took my blood pressure.  It was sky high.  He was very calm, and drove me to the ER, and after testing I found out I had yet another pulmonary embolism.  My hubby met me in the ER, and also had a calming effect for me.  After getting home my husband announced that he lost his job that day as well.  Yes it was the day from hell to say the least!

     Since last November things have pretty much stayed low stress as we were receiving unemployment.  Unemployment is not much at all, but it carried us through with my income as well.  Then in June our unemployment ended and we are living on savings.  So guess what?  The stress came back with the thoughts of running through our savings.  It will carry us until October, but then what?  My poor husband has been tirelessly filling out applications, going to job interviews etc. with little success.

     So what happens to your body when you are stressed?  For me I have gained weight.  There is a reason for this.  Our bodies are pretty amazing, and they do what they think is best for us.  Cortisol increases in our bodies, and makes us think we are hungrier than we really are so we eat more.  Your insulin levels rise and you crave sugar and fatty foods.  This is exactly what has happened to me.  I have been trying and trying to give up sugar, but with all the stress I just can't seem to get away from it.  I want comfort foods, something that will make me feel better.  Now I haven't gained a whole lot, but enough to make me sit up and pay attention.

     So what can we do to alleviate our stress?  It is such a hard concept to grasp, and something we need to work on continuously.  Many of you may not know that I'm LDS (Mormon)  We have a strong belief in God.  We have a strong belief in faith as well.  Faith is a hard nut to swallow as well, but at the end of the day what are you going to do?  I have learned through much stress that I just have to turn it over to God.  Give all my problems to him and then try hard to forget them.  Easier said than done, but with practice, practice, practice it can be done.   If we are doing all that we can, good things will happen with his help.  I truly believe that.

     There is still stress though, and the need for comfort food, so how can we alleviate that?  Pack your home with good foods.  Get rid of the junk, that way you won't eat what you don't have.  It's a fighting battle for me when I go to the store, to not purchase junk.  It's so prevalent these days!  I guess what it all boils down to is how bad do you want to be healthy, and how much are you going to fight to get it.

     Today we received some much needed good news.  My husband received an email asking him for an interview to get his old job back, now you might wonder why he would go back.  It's under a new owner, so we again are hopeful that everything will work out.  A lot of stress has been lifted.  Life goes on, and at the end of the day how you handle things will either make you healthy or not so much. 


     Have you ever had any friends that get upset about the way you eat?  Recently on Facebook I posted a YouTube video that was about hormones in dairy.  Dr. Klapper explains how cows are continuously kept pregnant and have been genetically modified so that they will continue to produce milk through their pregnancies.  It was an excellent video, chucked full of good information.  I have started to post to my regular wall to expose more people to a plant based lifestyle.  I also have a plant based group that I continuously post to because they are like minded people, but I want others to know about the dangers of animal products and perhaps more and more people will come over to this lifestyle. 

     However, one of my friends (boss at work) came unglued and commented that she was sick of seeing vegan posts.  I told her that I did not tag her in any of them.  They were not directed towards her.  She said, "well I'm tired of seeing them on my feed".  She went on to say that I needed to stop posting and to be careful because it confuses people.  Excuse me???  That is my wall, and I will post what I want to.  I told her to either unfollow me, or unfriend me.  I'm pretty sure she unfollowed me as she hasn't made any comments to other things since.  I would never ever say anything about someones posts even if they offend me.  She uses the "F" bomb frequently and I have never told her not to post that garbage.  That is her wall, and it's none of my business what she posts.  I just keep on scrolling, or unfollow.  Facebook has become it's own culture with a set of rules that are sometimes ridiculous.  I keep my facebook so that I can post plant based things on it, and advertise for my blog.  Otherwise, I would probably get rid of it.

     I have an idea of why people get so bent out of shape.  Vegans are notorious for getting in the face of people, and thinking their way is the only way.  Vegans are a kind of cult.  Their protests are awful.  I have nothing good to say about PETA except they don't eat animals.  They are in your face kind of group.  I'm not a "vegan"  per-say,  I'm a whole food plant based person.  I eat healthy foods so that I can be healthy.  I have however found out the cruelty associated with meat and dairy industries, but I don't protest animal slaughter houses. 

     Another reason I believe why people are so uptight with vegans, is they feel guilty about what they are eating, but don't want to give up their way of eating.  They don't want the information and know that what is said is correct and then have to make that decision to give up their delicious steaks, or milkshakes.  Whatever the reasons, I wish we could all just live in peace.  There is no reason to jump on someone for how they EAT!  Be respectful, and set an example.  Those examples go a long way, more so than ridicule. 

     On a side note, when I met my boss at work the following day, she was professional and fun to talk to at work.  There was nothing said about the incidence on facebook of which I was grateful.  I also strongly agree with sticking up for what you believe in.  Had she said anything, I would have told her this is not the place to have this discussion.  I didn't back down on the post.  I let her know that I will continue to post what I have learned and follow, and she could do with it as she wanted.  I have however, lost a couple of friends due to the posts.  That is their choice, and I hold nothing against them.  True friends wouldn't do that to each other. 

     If you are interested in the video, I'm posting it below.  Very informational.  


Grains (Millet)

     It seems while eating a whole foods plant base diet, someone is always thinking up new things to eat.  I find myself a bit overwhelmed with the fact that there is so many things to try out there, and not enough time to try it all.  I guess that's the beauty of this lifestyle is we never get bored.  Although, if you don't plan your week you could find yourself eating something you shouldn't because it's convenient.  This is why I'm always on the lookout for new things, and batch cooking saves me a lot of the time. 

     This week I bought some millet at the store.  Millet is a grain, and not a very familiar one, but I thought I would give it a try this week to see if we like it.  Someone on instagram posted their video by mixing coconut milk, pure maple syrup and millet in a pot and eating it up for breakfast.  Now my husband doesn't like quiona so I thought why not give millet a try.  I'm kind of burned out on steel cut oats.  (Also remember that quiona is a seed not a grain)

     Millet has a lot of advantages in this small little bead.  What are the benefits of millet.  Millet is high in starch, and we all know that starch keeps you full longer.  That in itself is a great benefit.  I get pretty hungry after eating cereal for breakfast.  Millet contains, B vitamins, calcium, iron, potassium, zinc, magnesium and fat.  Healthy fats so don't run away from millet.

     Millet is one of the best grains you can add to your diet to protect your heart, because of the magnesium content it lowers your blood pressure. 

     Millet like oats controls your cholesterol and also can help our hearts.

     Millet helps control diabetes.  Diabetes is becoming rampant in the US, but in other countries like India where they harvest and eat millet on a regular basis diabetes disease is low.  There is a 30% less rate of diabetes in countries that consume millet on a regular basis. 

     By consuming millet or grains in general they aid in digestion.  I don't know about you, but my digestion is top notch since going plant based.  Constipation is a big concern if you eat animal products causing troubles in your colon with cancer.  When you eliminate regularly it improves your digestion, helps you to retain nutrients that your have eaten, improves your kidney and liver health as well.  I don't know about you, but I hardly ever get sick which means my immune system is great! 

     Also consuming grains can help detoxify your body.  Millet along with many other grains have antioxidants that help maintain our body health.

     Millet can also help in asthma sufferers.  Less wheezing.  Wheat has the opposite effect on asthma sufferers, but millet doesn't have the same properties as wheat.  However, if you suffer from thyroid problems, it is advised that you check with your doctor first before you consume heavy amounts of millet.  I guess moderation in all things is important. 

     For the full article about millet go to this link.