We have always been told to eat our veggies.  My mother always had a vegetable with our dinners.  She even would make me eat parsnips, and cooked them a lot.  Later in life she told me that she didn't even like parsnips, but she knew they were good for me so there they were.  YUCK!  To this day, I don't care for parsnips. 

     Okay, but there are so many other veggies that are good for us!  Everyone is always talking about eat your greens every day!  Weather it's green salads, or great veggies like broccoli or green beans.  Why green?  Do you remember the old cartoons of Popeye?  He was always eating canned spinach from a can!  That in itself is No Bueno!  LOL

     Greens are AWESOME!  The contain iron, and for women that is an important mineral!  Also good for pregnant women.  It may also ward off high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer. 

     Greens can help you look younger.  It's always good to eat the rainbow, but greens in particular help us to look younger.  Greens are loaded with antioxidants.  They contain vitamins E and C, and help your skin to be healthy from the inside out.

     Greens help to maintain your weight.  If any of you are familiar with Chef AJ, she tells us to always eat greens for breakfast.  Ditch the cereals, bread etc.  Fill your tummies with greens and veggies for breakfast.  They keep you full longer, and helps you to stay away from unwanted carbs.

     Another reason to eat those greens, is it helps build and keep strong bones.  Vitamin K is abundant in green veggies.  Osteoporosis is a big factor in women's health, and greens will help that.  It will also help to give up milk as milk leaches calcium from bones.  Be careful when eating greens while on blood thinners.  Some blood thinners aren't affected by vitamin K, but Warfarin is, so always check with your doctor.

     Vitamin A is a very important vitamin in  your diet for your eyesight.  I wish my parents knew this, and maybe I wouldn't be wearing glasses.  You can slip important greens into your child's diet with green smoothies, or soups that contain important greens.  A lot cheaper than having to wear glasses down the road.

     Have you ever heard of folate?  This is vitamin helps with depression because it contains serotonin.   Serotonin helps our brains also with memory loss.

     Magnesium is an important mineral that a lot of people are short of.  It helps with sleep, helps to maintain a healthy heart, helps with muscle cramps.  Some other health issues with low magnesium levels are asthma, diabetes, and attention deficit.

     Last but not least, greens are hydrating.  They contain a lot of water.  It's important to stay hydrated especially in the summer.  Remember that your body is 70% water!

     As you can see eating greens is so important!  I guess Popeye had something!