Grains (Millet)

     It seems while eating a whole foods plant base diet, someone is always thinking up new things to eat.  I find myself a bit overwhelmed with the fact that there is so many things to try out there, and not enough time to try it all.  I guess that's the beauty of this lifestyle is we never get bored.  Although, if you don't plan your week you could find yourself eating something you shouldn't because it's convenient.  This is why I'm always on the lookout for new things, and batch cooking saves me a lot of the time. 

     This week I bought some millet at the store.  Millet is a grain, and not a very familiar one, but I thought I would give it a try this week to see if we like it.  Someone on instagram posted their video by mixing coconut milk, pure maple syrup and millet in a pot and eating it up for breakfast.  Now my husband doesn't like quiona so I thought why not give millet a try.  I'm kind of burned out on steel cut oats.  (Also remember that quiona is a seed not a grain)

     Millet has a lot of advantages in this small little bead.  What are the benefits of millet.  Millet is high in starch, and we all know that starch keeps you full longer.  That in itself is a great benefit.  I get pretty hungry after eating cereal for breakfast.  Millet contains, B vitamins, calcium, iron, potassium, zinc, magnesium and fat.  Healthy fats so don't run away from millet.

     Millet is one of the best grains you can add to your diet to protect your heart, because of the magnesium content it lowers your blood pressure. 

     Millet like oats controls your cholesterol and also can help our hearts.

     Millet helps control diabetes.  Diabetes is becoming rampant in the US, but in other countries like India where they harvest and eat millet on a regular basis diabetes disease is low.  There is a 30% less rate of diabetes in countries that consume millet on a regular basis. 

     By consuming millet or grains in general they aid in digestion.  I don't know about you, but my digestion is top notch since going plant based.  Constipation is a big concern if you eat animal products causing troubles in your colon with cancer.  When you eliminate regularly it improves your digestion, helps you to retain nutrients that your have eaten, improves your kidney and liver health as well.  I don't know about you, but I hardly ever get sick which means my immune system is great! 

     Also consuming grains can help detoxify your body.  Millet along with many other grains have antioxidants that help maintain our body health.

     Millet can also help in asthma sufferers.  Less wheezing.  Wheat has the opposite effect on asthma sufferers, but millet doesn't have the same properties as wheat.  However, if you suffer from thyroid problems, it is advised that you check with your doctor first before you consume heavy amounts of millet.  I guess moderation in all things is important. 

     For the full article about millet go to this link.

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naomi3 said...

Hi, it's me down in toasty AZ! I appreciate this article on millet - it's a grain I've used fairly often and enjoy it's mild flavor and firm texture.
I keep grains in mason jars, labeled with name/date; and if I bought a bag (Bob's Red Mill) I usually cut off the cooking instructions and other good info, and tape it firmly to the jar. So - my latest cooking story was aggravating, but tickled my funny bone all over again when I read this post!
I decided one day it was time to cook a batch of millet, I had a couple recipes to try out plus I just like having some cooked grain on hand in the fridge. I batch cook a lot, I'm a lazy cook at times. Llayered salads are often my go-to (especially in this stinking hot weather). As long as I have left-over steamed veggies, greens of some sort, and some cooked grain, I'm good to go!
Opening my grain cupboard (I have a LOT of jars!), I spotted the jar labeled "Millet", retrieved it, and proceeded to get it cooking. I usually rinse grains, and as I was running water over the millet in the sieve the thought went through my head, "Hmmm - it rinses and sticks to the screen kinda like quinoa." It had been a few months since I cooked millet, so I shrugged it off. But it bugged me, so finally I got out the jar of quinoa and put it next to the millet. Boy, they really do look similar, would be easy to get them mixed up. Proceeded with cooking. About 15 minutes later I peeked into the pot. Uh-huh. Little "tails" showing on the tiny grains of "millet"! I really wasn't all that surprised, my suspicions had been aroused just by the rinsing!
I bought that particular jar of "millet" from a bulk bin, and my guess is, someone was careless in refilling the bin, didn't double check the bag label or the bin number being loaded. i'll actually be back at that store later this week, hope to have a conversation with the bulk manager! They need to train those young sprouts I see working in the bulk bins a little more thoroughly!
The cooked "millet" didn't go to waste, of course. I use quinoa frequently, and they sub for each other pretty well. And in a salad, who cares??!!
And yes, my plumbing works just dandy! After a childhood of constipation, this is like a dream come true, LOL!!
Thanks for another good article!!