There have been a lot of questions on Facebook in the last couple of days concerning vitamins.  One blogger said that her legs were feeling tingly and kind of numb.  Why was this happening to her?
Here's the answer:  Plant eaters don't get enough vitamin B12.  According to Dr Micheal Greger vitamin B12 does not come from plants or animals.  Vitamin B12 comes from microbes that blanket the earth, but because of our sanitation nowadays it isn't in the water anymore, but neither is cholera.  That's good!

     This video explains so much about vitamin B12 for those of us that eat a whole foods plant based diet.  We have the best levels (which is very good), but only if we supplement our vitamin B12. Here's the URL:  What if we forget to take our vitamins though?  Most of us forget, and I have been forgetful on taking them as well.
Here is what we need to remember: Deficiency of vitamin B12 can cause all kinds of trouble.  I recommend reading How Not To Die by Dr. Michael Greger.  In his book on page 407 he states "the results of of B12 deficiency can be devastating, with cases reported of paralysis, psychosis, blindness, and even death."  Yikes! It takes your body a long time to develop these issues, but I make sure that I take it every week.

     When I went to the doctor for my physical and let him know that I was starting a vegan diet he suggested that I take 2500 mg. once a week of B12, and believe me with what I know now I don't forget! Plus it's inexpensive to take!

     I also take vitamin D3.  The sunshine vitamin!  Have you noticed that people aren't really doing a lot of activities outside anymore?  If you spend time outside then you are probably ok however, up here in the Spokane Washington area we don't get a lot of sun so my doctor recommended that I take it.

     In the book How Not To Die Dr. Greger talks about the other vitamins we need to consider taking such as iodine, omega 3s.  I highly suggest reading this book or doing your own research into the matter.

     I have an app on my phone that helps me to see what vitamins I'm missing out on.  It's called Cronometer.  You keep a diary on the foods you eat and it shows you what vitamins you are getting daily.  On Iphone it costs 5.00.  Please take the time to review these apps.  Just so you know, I get no monetary commission from these apps.  I suggest them simply because they work well for me.

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