Some of My Favorite Blogs, and YouTube Videos

     In the next month my family and I are moving to Boise Idaho.  We currently live in Coeur D Alene Idaho, and even though going to Boise is like going home we will still miss this beautiful area of the US.

  Isn't this beautiful!
     At any rate I will be taking a bit of a break because this week we are going to Boise to look for homes, and I have 3 job interviews this coming Friday.  Eeeek!  If you are a praying person I could use all you got.  Starting over is less than desirable.  I'm thinking I will probably be back at it the end of September when my house is put together and I have a grasp on a new job.  It doesn't mean that I will stop eating this way.  I will still be eating a whole foods plant based diet because you know, it's what I do.  I just probably won't be blogging or at least not a lot.

     I didn't want to leave you hanging though so I'm giving you some other sites that are my favorite and youtube videos that I visit all the time to get ideas.  The recipes in this blog are not my own, yes I'm a copy cat but I will tell you this I have started to get some ideas of things to make, and with veggies if you throw anything together with some favorite sauce it all tastes good.

     Following are links that you can click on and go to for ideas.  I just ask that you don't forget about me, because I will be back!

The Happy Pear are awesome!  2 brothers from Ireland, and I love their 5 minutes dinners:

I also adore Simple Daily Recipes, and there are too many to mention

The Brand New Vegan is great for new recipes

The Vegan 8 uses 8 ingredients

     These will keep you busy while I'm gone.  Thanks to each of you for subscribing to my blog.  I have enjoyed this so much.  Keep working towards your goals.  I can always be contacted through my blog or by my facebook page which is A Plant Friendly Diet for Better Health as I will check my pages frequently.

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