Do You Think It's Okay to Drink Soda Pop?

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     When we were first married, my husband and I didn't start our days until we had an ice cold Dr. Pepper poured into a glass (no plastic) over ice.  Some people do the same thing with coffee.  Even in the winter time we drank ice cold soda first thing in the morning.  We were young back then, and after doing some research we decided that soda wasn't a good choice.  We still drank it as a treat.  We allowed our children to have it occasionally, but not all the time.  I would buy Pepsi for headaches, but my sweet husband would find it and drink it, so I stopped buying it.
     What is the big deal?  If you can buy it in a store, then isn't it okay to drink?  Surely everything in the stores that we can buy are okay aren't they?  Trust me people, there are a lot of things in the store that we should not be consuming. Anyway........ lets get back to soda pop.
     I came across an article just the other day that gave me 22 reasons not to drink the stuff.  I will post a link so you can read the whole article at the end.

     1.  Soda can cause a decline in kidney function.  There was an 11 year study at Harvard University just on the effects that soda has on your kidneys.

     2. Soda increases the chances of getting diabetes!  Because of the high sugar content in soda (9 1/3 tsp to be exact) causes a strain on the pancreas!  Drinking 1-2 sodas a day increases your chances of getting diabetes by 25%!!!  Yikes!!

     3. Soda cans are lined with BPA.  BPA has been linked to heart disease and reproduction problems.

     4.  Soda dehydrates you.  Remember last week when I talked about caffeine?  Caffeine is a diuretic.  What is a diuretic?  It's a liquid that produces more urine, you pee more.

     5.  Caramel coloring in sodas are linked to cancer.  Need I say more?

     6.  Caramel coloring in sodas are linked to vascular problems leading to strokes and heart disease.

     7.  Soda is high in calories.  In a 12 ounce can of coke are 9 1/3 tsp. of sugar, but in a 20 ounce there are 17 tsp. with 240 calories.  Can you say obesity?

     8.  Caffeine in soda blocks magnesium absorption in our bodies.  Magnesium helps to detox our bodies from environmental chemicals.  Kind of important!

     9.  Soda increases obesity risks in children.  This to me is very sad.  Our kids don't have a chance because they are given sodas, and then play video games all day.  When I was a kid, I did have soda, but I was out all day running it off!

    10.  Soda increases heart disease in men.  The chances rise 20% in men if they drink soda!

    11.  Acid in soda wears away dental enamel.

    12.  Soda contains high amounts of sugar.  Have we already read this?  Must be true.

    13.  Soda contains artificial sweeteners.  Artificial sweeteners are worse than sugar in my book as they are linked to many diseases including cancer.

    14.  Soda depletes your mineral levels.  If the soda you are drinking contains phosphoric acid, this acid depletes the calcium in your bones.  Can you say osteoporosis?  Even if the client takes vitamin D and calcium supplements, the soda leaches the calcium out.

    15.  Drinking soda changes your metabolism, making it harder to lose weight!

    16.  Drinking more than one soda increases heart disease and metabolic syndrome which means high blood pressure, high glucose levels, high triglycerides, and belly fat.

    17.  Diet soda does NOT help you to loose weight.  Did I mention the belly fat above?

    18.  Diet sodas contain mold inhibitors!  WHAT?  This cause severe damage to our DNA.  Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi have replace this with a different preservative, but preservatives aren't great at all.

    19.  Sodas containing ascorbic acid and potassium benzoate are a know carcinogen.  Just another preservative.

    20.  Daily sodas and other sugary drinks are linked to non alcoholic fatty liver disease.  What are the symptoms of this?  Fatigue, weight loss, loss of appetite, nausea, abdominal pain and jaundice.

    21.  Some sodas contain flame retardant.  These are used in a lot of citrus drinks to help them from separating.  This is banned in many countries, but it is still allowed in the US!  Mountain Dew anyone?

    22. Soda is linked to Asthma.  A study was done in Australia of 16,000 over 16 years of age.  They had higher levels of Asthma, and COPD!

     Soda is a hard one to give up, but after reading this article I'm so glad that I did!  I used to infuse my water with fruit, strawberries being my favorite, but now I just drink plain old water.  I'm still working on drinking 1/2 my body ounces in water, but life is a process.  We can't all be perfect!

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