Biggest Loser

     Has anyone noticed all the hype that is going on with the Biggest Loser program?  Many are saying that their lives have been ruined by this show.

     When the show began 6 years ago, the people that were on the Biggest Loser had normal metabolisms, meaning their bodies would burn calories at a normal rate.  They were normal besides the fact they were overweight.  If they were to go on a diet, they would lose at a normal rate because of their metabolisms.  The show was a rigorous and very stressful to them.  Some of the youtube videos (and there are a bunch) that I have watched reveals how awful things were.  One man said that they were not to drink anything 48 hours before the weigh in.  Dehydrating your body is so dangerous!  They also said they were given coffee because it's a diuretic to help them eliminate more fluid.  We had a lady at the hospital that fainted because of dehydration.  Your organs can start shutting down.

     They were calorie restricted, and had to exercise 8-12 a day.  No one can do that after the show!  People have lives!  It was all consuming on the show, but now 6 years after the show there are big problems for these people!  There have been some researchers that have been following these people and have discovered that their metabolisms have not recovered from the strain.  So when your metabolism slows you have a hard time losing and maintaining that weight loss.  Most if not all of the contestants have regained their original weights and then some  One man "Danny Cahill" was 430 pounds at the beginning of show.  At the finale he weighed 191.  Now he is back to 295 pounds and burns 800 calories less than a normal man his age.  What it all boils down to is money.  They all did it for a quarter of a million dollars!  It's not worth it!

     So what is my point to all this?  We need to change our "diets" to a lifestyle of eating,  Diets don't work. When you come off of calorie restricting then what happens?  You gain it all back!  I did this with weight watchers, and Shakeology.  It wasn't something I could continue forever.  Those gimmicks cost lots of money.  They are just gimmicks.  I have talked about this before, but with the hype surrounding the Biggest Loser, it just testifies to me that clean eating without animal products is the way we are designed to eat.

     I haven't lost that much, 35 pounds, but my metabolism is slower because of age.  I have a hard time being active because of my osteoarthritis, but for the younger crowd this lifestyle is awesome!  I wish I would have raised my children this way.  I wish I had that knowledge back then.  I do feel so much better eating this way, and have regained my health which is so important.  I won't give up. Slow and steady wins the race right?  It takes a bit to figure out what will work for you. Right now intermittent fasting is working for me, but I'm not always doing what I need to do.  My sweet husband buys junk at the store.  He love to sabotage me, although he says he just likes to treat me.  lol

    The show now is talking about having Dr. Greger author of How Not To Die come and help people learn to eat a whole foods plant based diet, which I think is awesome!  I hope he stresses lifestyle, and that they keep an eye on these folks after the show.

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