This past weekend we traveled to North Idaho to see our newest grand daughter.  It was so much fun to play with her older sister and just to hold that new baby, and cuddle.  I have to tell you though, that I figured out that we have children when we are young for a reason.  Every night going back to the hotel, I was exhausted.  Those two wore me out!  I'm old!  LOL

     Traveling can be a challenge to eat a whole foods, plant based diet.  It can be done though.  Being oil free is a bit more challenging though.  We stayed at the Holiday Inn, and they offer a continental breakfast.  On this breakfast buffet they had all the bad stuff i.e. eggs and bacon, waffles, yogurt, biscuits and gravy, but they also had oatmeal!  Hooray!  Something I could eat.  I added some brown sugar to sweeten it because the bananas went fast and I never could get one.  They also had bread that could be toasted and had jam.  I topped the oatmeal with cinnamon, and raisins and a few cashews.  No milk though.  This is what I ate every morning, and I was satisfied.

     After breakfast we went and spent the day with our kids and grandkids, and because they to are plant based it wasn't too difficult.  However, I think we ate out every day, so it was a bit more challenging and in a college town not many choices.

     We went to the Chinese buffet one night, and there were lots of vegetable choices.  I have grown to like sushi.  I prefer the nori sheet to be on the inside of the rice as to me it's really strong tasting of fish, but if it's on the inside it's not too bad.  There is always rice as well at those places, and they did have a salad bar, but the lettuce looked old.  We also went to a place called Mikey's.  It was a Greek restaurant.  I got a falafel sandwich with no feta cheese and it was very good.  The last night we went to Wingers and the choices were nil and void.  Sometimes there are no good choices.  I just did the best I could, and decided that once was not going to hurt me.  I also discovered that because I'm plant based that I have the monopoly on places to choose from.  We try extra hard to find places that serve a vegan diet.

     In May we are headed back down there for graduation and we are staying in a motel with no breakfast.  So what do you do when that situation arises.  I will just have to plan ahead.  I got an Instant Pot (in fact I have 2)!  LOL  I will pack some oats and toppings for oats and take soy milk in a cooler.  Most places have a mini fridge and a small microwave so that you can take oats and cook them there.  I cannot stand quick oats though, which is why I will probably crate along my instant pot. I will also take some cut up fresh fruits, and maybe some nut butter.  It's a bit more planning, but let me tell you, I feel so much better when I eat right.

     I have also noticed that even when you eat a vegan diet at restaurants, that everything is covered in oil!  I was listening to something not too long ago, that when you go into these places to ask them not to cook in oil.  I haven't gotten that brave yet, but some dishes are dripping in the stuff.  I can feel it on my teeth, and makes me sick after eating it.  I'm pretty sure as this movement gains more momentive and popularity that people and chefs will become more savvy to how things should be cooked.  I'm holding onto that day!

     All in all it was well worth it to see those cute little faces of my grand children, and to also watch my own children discover that raising a family is hard hard work.

     North Idaho is gorgeous!  This is in McCall!

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naomi3 said...

Naomi, you're right, traveling and staying on track is challenging - but as you also mentioned, pre-planning is the key!

And it's not really that difficult, it just takes some time, mentally and physically, to plan and prep. I have made it a "rule" for myself, I NEVER LEAVE MY APT. for an excursion without at least pitching into my purse a baggie of baby carrots, baggie of cut-up cinnamon apples, sometimes a small carton of a rice salad or such that I have on hand in fridge, and of course bottles of water. Even going to the market!

That simple little tool has "saved my life" more than once, when I'm out and about. Life happens, hours pass, it can be dangerous out there!!!

I'm working on making a small "grab-n-go" container for those especially busy gone-all-day usually UNPLANNED events that pop up (i.e accompanying my daughter on a last minute call for a dog rescue - she is a pro trainer, and works with several rescue groups). So far, I'm thinking: prepared bowl/aseptic package of cooked rice; a couple cans of beans with pull-top lids (cuz I may forget to bring my pocketknife!!!); same of veggies like green beans or corn. I'm hoping to find SMALL cans of beans and veggies - my current quest!

I'm also looking at those small packets of different dressings, hoping to find something like a plain balsamic or such. Even those little deli packets of mustard could work for dressing, squeezed over the rice/beans along with whatever vinegar type I may find. Toss and eat! A few of those little fruit cups or unsweetened apple sauce cups, would be nice too. It's not gourmet, just survival until reaching home base and safety of my fridge again!! It's an adventure, right?!!

Just some ideas I've been making some notes about - soon the container I'm picturing, along with ingredients, will manifest and I'll be set for those more extended fun adventures!

Aren't grandpunks the BEST?!!! I'm expecting my very first GREATgrand in May - we are all so excited, it will be my daughter's first grandchild. She was in a bit of denial that it's actually happening to her, LOL!! But when she saw the amazing photos they now can take of ultrasounds, the baby became very real, and she's on board! Her oldest son, our very first returned missionary of her 5 boys, was married on the 100th day after returning from his mission. ONLY a mom keeps track of things like that, right?!!

Enjoy your kiddos!

Candy S. (Buckeye, AZ)

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