Vacation! Continuation

     This past weekend we went to my son's graduation from college, and had to stay in a hotel as he and his wife live in this tiny, on campus apartment.  We love this trip to northern Idaho because the scenery is gorgeous!  It gives us a chance as well to relax from all the stuff that has to be done on the home front.  

     What do you do about the food!!!  How does one eat whole foods plant based?  Let me tell you, it's a bit of a challenge.  My son and his family eat this way as well, but this weekend was a free for all!  They just had a baby 2 months ago, and still are adjusting to that.  

     The hotel that we stayed in didn't have a breakfast bar (the last one did) so I bought a mini rice cooker from Amazon before our trip and I packed some oats and flax and cooked it in the rice cooker. We also took along a cooler and packed lots of fruit.  Most mornings when I first wake up, I'm not hungry so I eat a banana or some melon, and then by around 9:00 am, I'm starving.  However, we had to be at the stadium at 7:30 am, so I had to make oats early to hold me until we got something else. Let me tell you, it was a lifesaver to have that because at least I got one good meal, and we didn't have to stop at McDonald's for a gross egg mcmuffin!  

     After the graduation, there was a reception for students, parents and professors.  They had a spread of cake, and lots of cheeses, crackers and a few veggies.  I didn't partake of any of it because of that, and also it was hard to get to with all the people.  After that was done, we went to our church building to be with family to have lunch.  Pizza was on the menu, and by this time I was starving!  So yes I had some pizza and cake later.  Sometimes there are no choices, and for me I didn't want to make a big deal about it.  This celebration was for my son, not my diet.  I gained 2 pounds over the weekend, but now those 2 pounds are now gone, and I'm back on track.  

     We did go to a restaurant the next evening, and there were vegan choices, but I could have kicked myself because my wrap had cheese on it.  As I'm learning, I need to remember to be more vigilant of ingredients.  There is nothing I can do about the oil that restaurants cook with.  Dr. McDougall says you can talk to the chef, but there again bringing attention to myself is not really what I want to do, so I eat it and move on.  


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