How To Be A Shinning Example

     Do not follow where the path may lead.  Go instead where there is no path, and leave a trail.  Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.  "T. S. Elliot"

     I saw this quote on facebook this morning, and thought it was a grand quote for my plant based way of life.  Actually a person could use this quote for a great many things in life.  Religion, work, goals, anything! 

     How was your Thanksgiving?  I worked on Thanksgiving Day, but we as employees still had dinner.  Our unit secretary brought in the dinner with all the fixings.  She brought in a roasting pan to cook a turkey and we all chipped in with sides.  The turkey smelled heavenly, and brought back many memories of my childhood.  I work at a hospital, and a lot of our patients made mention that the halls smelled wonderful. 

     Lunch was served around 1:00.  We each took turns going into the conference room to eat.  As I went in there were many other colleagues present.  Was I even tempted to eat turkey?  Actually no I was not.  There were many sides, and of course I brought in the veggie tray.  I filled my plate with veggies, and some of the salads.  They were not all too healthy though because they contained jello, and cool whip.  Even when I went into that room to get a piece of pie later, and no one was around I didn't partake of the turkey.  It really didn't even appeal to me. 

     The next day didn't go as smoothly.  Because I worked Thanksgiving Day, my family had Thanksgiving with me the day after.  My children are not fully plant based and neither is my husband, so again I had to smell turkey for the day.  I did succumb to temptation.  I had a little bit of turkey.  (No one is perfect)  I have to tell you though, it didn't taste as good as I once remembered, and giving thought of eating a dead animal kind of made me sick to my stomach.  That day I spent in the kitchen making yummy sides to go with this turkey dinner.  Everything else was plant based, and those recipes are on the recipe side of this blog.  So my dinner again was pretty much plant based. 

     There are so many vegans that are in your face about this lifestyle.  It's such a turn off to me.  We need to leave a trail or be an quiet example to those we love and associate with.  It goes a lot farther than getting into a yelling match on who is right or wrong. 

     At this holiday season, make goals to be a better person.  Reach for the sky!  Blaze your own trail, and be brave enough to stick to it.  Remember it's okay to flub up once in a while, but try to remember those things that you have learned.  Help those around you see how this lifestyle has changed your life.  Treat them like you would want to be treated. 

   P.S.  As far as my pulmonary embolisms are going, I can now breath without too much trouble.  I'm still having issues with kidney stones, but I think that is getting better as well.  Hope your holiday season is wonderful!

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