The New Year!


 Who fell off the wagon?  Come on, be honest with yourself.  I see posts on Facebook all the time where people say, I have eaten this way for months, and I'm gaining weight.  At times, I don't think they are being honest.  They cheated and just don't want to admit it.  We have all been there.  We all are human.  So what if you cheated, there is always tomorrow!

     I have to admit I did succumb to things I should not have put in my mouth.  My kids came home from college for the holidays.  There are traditions that come with Christmas.  We didn't have the traditional oysters and clam chowder, but there were Christmas cookies with white flour and butter.  Now before you unsubscribe saying I'm hypocritical, please remember that NONE of us are perfect.  We are all on this earth with trials and tribulations, and we are trying to overcome a lot of things.  Sweets are my problem, and cookies that my mom made, and her mother made just come a long with the holiday.  Personally, I don't think one holiday is going to kill us.

     There are those that ridicule others for drinking milk and the milk industry I will agree is horrible.  I am not one of those people who will look down my nose and judge everything that goes in your mouth, after all it's really none of my business.

     Today is a new day, with new ideas and new recipes!  Today we went to Trader Joe's, and Whole Foods and picked up items that filled our fridge and pantry with goodness.  Lots of fruits and veggies.  Potatoes, bananas, soy milk and coconut milk.  Cleaned out the fridge and freezer.  Out with the old, and in with the new.

     The holidays were awesome.  I don't regret making cookies with my kids.  Memories that will last a life time.  I cherish that time with my family.  I look forward to them coming home, and being together.  As we start a new year, do the very best you can to reach the goals you set.  Don't make them unreasonably high or unreachable.  Do something small, and finish that goal, I think 3 goals is perfect!   Try to be a better person than you were last year, but don't beat yourself up if you fumble and fall.  Life goes on, and it's too short to worry about things that are out of your control.  I will never be that skinny 21 year old ever again.  I  need to love myself and accept those things I can't change.  I wish the best for each and everyone of you!  Lets make this a great year!

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By the way, my goals are 
1. Get stronger before my surgery, yoga 3 days a week.
2. Eat a WFPB diet NO Cheating!
3.  Read my scriptures every day!

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P L Franceschine said...

I will admit that I ate Christmas goodies too. I made fudge and other goodies and people dropped off goodies. So yes, I did eat. :) Is WFPB Whole Food ?? I'm not coming up with the PB part of your first goal. I want to share my three goals for this year.

1. Read my Scriptures
2. Eat whole foods and no processed foods if possible.
3. Exercise 5-6 days a week, just walking for now due to both hips being replaced in 2017.

I'm glad you had a great holiday with your kids coming home. That is wonderful!