I have been following High Carb Hannah on YouTube for quite some time.  Probably since I started my own plant based journey.  I loved the way Hannah did her videos.  Always showing new recipes, and I bought a couple of her ebooks which I still love.  Well written, and yummy recipes. I also watched her and her husband in their tiny house, built off the grid and trying to plant a garden in Arizona.  I say trying, because it is pretty desolate where they live. 

     This morning I got on to see if she had posted, and she had.  I watched with anticipation what new found food she made.    Her and her husband have also been going on lots of vacations, and have vlogged their experiences.  I knew she had Costa Rica coming up, and I did really enjoy  her Hawaii trip.  It was beautiful what she posted.  She talked a bit about the foods she was taking with her on the airplane, and then she dropped a bomb.  She is going to Costa Rica to participate in taking a drug that will help her forget her past.  WHAT????? 

     The drug that she will be ingesting is called Ayahuasca.  Ayahuasca grows in the Amazon, and also in Costa Rica.  She refers to it as "plant" medicine.  She also states that it is the strongest hallucination!  One other thing she said that hundreds of years ago, the plant showed the Shaman how to make this tea to help people.  My mouth hit the floor!  Who believes this stuff!  She's a smart girl, or so I thought!  Now don't think I'm judging her.  I'm stating what she said on the video which I will link below. 

     Apparently she is going to a resort where there are medical doctors that help you through the process.  She also states that people throw up!  Why would you want to do this?  I hate throwing up when I'm sick!  Supposedly it helps you with depression, and addictions.  I'm sorry, but aren't we supposed to handle our trials with medical doctors, or essential oils, or holistically?  Group sessions where we can talk to other people and work through things? 

     Growing up, my parents relied heavily on the medical world.  I see nothing wrong with that, but as I have gotten older and I think wiser I have done a lot of reading about naturally curing myself like a whole foods, plant based diet.  This lifestyle can and has cured a lot of diseases not only with me, but many other people.  I was going to have a total knee replacement, but came across a doctor that used to be a medical doctor, but changed to holistic healing.  I had a couple of prolozone (ozone) shots to my knees, and I feel great.  I am opting not to have the surgery.  Everything I read about total knees and working in a rehab hospital has changed my mind about it.  Joints are just never the same and as good as natural joints. 

     I will link her video, and a couple of articles below.  I would say research it out for yourself.  To me a drug is a drug is a drug, no matter how you dress it up.  I never want to have a hallucination, something that isn't there, and there is no scientific evidence to show that it really works in the long run.

     Please be kind when replying to this article.  You may not agree with me, and that is your right.  If you do leave a comment use tack. 




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