These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

     Christmas is 12 days away, and I thought it would be fun to do an article on my favorite things.  Come January 1st, I will have been plant based for 3 years!  Over that time, I have bought several appliances, and my husband can a test to the fact that we have nowhere to put them anymore.  They are taking over our kitchen!  I will review 8 products and tell you which ones I love and which ones I could do without.  There really is only one that I could get rid of.  Sorry honey.  lol

     First up is my blendtec.  It was the first product that I bought.  I actually bought this one 5 years ago, and I have never looked back.  It has provided me with a lot of service.  I love this thing!  I bought this because #1 it was cheaper than a vitamix, and #2 it has an 8 year warranty on it.  I have used that warranty twice.  I had to get a new jar, and just recently I got a new motor.  So the thing will last hopefully another 8 years!  I went through many blenders until I finally bit the bullet and got something decent.  You DO get what you pay for.

     When I first started eating plant based, all the rave was an instant pot.  Jill McKeever on youtube raved about it.  You had to get one, it will save you time in the kitchen.  I bought the off brand at Walmart, and I was thoroughly disappointed.  So again I waited for the black Friday sales and picked a name brand up on Amazon.  This thing is the bom.come!  I use it for soups, rice and by the way, rice comes out perfect every time!  I also use it to cook legumes.  Did you know you can put dry beans in it, and 60 minutes later you have perfectly soft beans?  I still soak them over night, but they say you don't have to.  Old habits are hard to break.  This past Black Friday I bought another one.  Yeah, I'm pretty obsessed.  The other day, I got my batch cooking done in half the time.  Potatoes and rice cooked at the same time!  Wala! 

     Next I got an airfryer.  Now I got this to cook french fries in.  The big thing with this is you don't have to use as much oil.  You can get crispiness without oil however, if you want crispy you have to use a tiny big of oil.  I don't use any oil, so unless you burn stuff things really don't crisp up.  I think I could probably do without this one.  You can cook stuff in the oven just as well.


 Last Christmas I got a griddler.  I love this thing.  You can flip the plates so you can either grill or fry things like pancakes or french toast (no eggs) without oil.  Nothing sticks to it!  I cook hash browns a lot on the grill side.  I get the big box at Costco, and season them up and away we go.  Clean up is a snap because you don't have the gross oil build up, and you can just put the plates in the dishwasher.  By the way, you can get waffle plates for it on Amazon.


My tea kettle is awesome, and I use this thing most days.  The water heats up almost instantly, and it's great for tea, and I drink Pero.  It's a grain drink from Germany.  Love this stuff.  I will defiantly buy this again when it poops out. 


My food processor is use a lot!  I make hummus weekly.  You could your your high speed blender, but those things are kind of a pain to get stuff out of.  So I use my food processor.  I also make sauces and vegan cream cheese.  In the summer I use it a lot to make nice cream.  Love this thing.


 I don't even know what this thing is called, but in the summer months I use it a lot to make zoodles with zucchini.  Wait, it's called a spirilizer!  lol  I use it a lot for zoodles, but that is about it.  You can use it for cucumbers and carrots, but it's a pain to clean so I just chop those veggies.


Last buy not least I just got a juicer.  I have been juicing celery every morning for the last week.  My new goal starting in January is to juice celery every morning, and finally get off sugar.  I have heard a lot of great things about celery.  Have you heard anything?  I have learned that it is an herb not a veggie.  I have also heard that it is better to chew up your food, but to get all the benefits of celery and the quantity of what I would have to eat to benefit from it, I would have to eat a whole bunch every day!  Can you imagine!!!  Gag, that would be all I ate every day!  lol 

Without pictures some of my favorite books are:
The China Study
The Starch Solution
Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease
How Not to Die
Plant Pure Nation
To name just a few.
      As the years role by, there are always new favorites, and new things to learn.  Hoping you all have a wonderful Merry Christmas! 


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