Energy Drinks

     Have you ever drank an energy drink?  RedBull, Monster, Rock*star  just to name a few.  I have never had any of these because they are scary.  They are scary in the fact of what they can do to your body.  Not to mention how much sugar they have in them.

     Some of the possible side effects associated with these drinks are:

1. Heart attacks, one study showed that in 2009 -2011 there were 4854 calls to poison control regarding energy drinks.  Out of those calls 50% were involving children!  A new study notes that energy drinks can cause forceful heart contractions which could be harmful for some heart conditions.  Why would you let children drink these?

2. Headaches, migraines, anxiety, jittery, insomnia, vomiting to name a few.

3. High blood pressure: because they are so highly caffeinated energy drinks can cause blood pressure to go up risking strokes and heart attacks.  If a person doesn't have high blood pressure there shouldn't be a problem, but for those that do beware.

     Have you ever had a zipfizz?  The company claims that these are safe that they are loaded with B vitamins.  I used to drink zipfizz everyday at work.  For a bit, they didn't bother me, and then I noticed an increase in heart rate, I was waking up everyday with a headache.  I would go to work and just feel horrible.  Dizzy when I would stand at my desk, and nauseated just sitting there, and I didn't even put 2 and 2 together until I talked with one of my work buddies who said she could drink zipfizz for the very reasons we just discussed. 

     Zipfizz states that they are all natural containing no sugar and loaded with vitamins.  Here is what Livestrong has to say about it.

     The FDA has not approved this drink or rather hasn't reviewed it, but you should talk to your doctor before consuming it.  Right there sends up a read flag!  The ingredients for zipfizz are vitamins, minerals, ginger, green tea, ginseng, and guarana which is a form of caffeine, but it isn't listed on the ingredient list.  Guarana is a plant that grows in the Amazon and is used for energy.  It contains many antioxidants and and has been used for centuries.  It is used frequently in energy drinks.  It has been said that it can help your skin, help you lose weight, and has low toxicity when used in moderation, but it can also cause heart palpitations, insomnia, anxiety, upset stomach etc.

     So here is the thing, I was moderate in using this product.  I would drink it maybe 3 times a week when I would work, but it was not agreeing with me.  I had all the side effects from this drink.  It tastes wonderful!  They have lots of great flavors, and I thought because it contained natural plant products that it was good for me.  Now everyone is different, and react differently to things, but when I started not being about to breathe or catch my breath, feeling like garbage every time I went to work then a person really needs to look at what they are consuming.  Plants are good for a great many things, they can cure our diseases and help us feel amazing, but they can also hurt us.  Be wise with what you consume.  Do your research and beware of things that could hurt you.  Please don't let children consume products like this.  It really isn't worth it.  It goes back to the old adage that moderation in all things is wise. 

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