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     I have had a couple of run ins lately with some vegans about eating honey.  Most vegans are really passionate about this hot topic.  I can understand and I have done a bit of research into this issue. 

     What gets me, is there is no compassion from vegans towards other human beings and those of us that are still in the learning stage.  It is either their way or the highway.  They claim to be compassionate people, but are they!  Isn't it important to lead by example?  Can't they get more people to agree with them,  if they help you understand their reasoning behind how they feel?  I was thrown off from a facebook group because I told them, that if honey is good enough for Dr. McDougall, then I will do the same.  

     Also note that a vegan, and a person eating a plant based diet are two different kinds of people.  Vegans are all about hot button issues, like honey, and compassion towards living, breathing animals and insects and they will eat anything that is vegan and unhealthy, they are not concerned about health issues.   A person eating a whole foods, plant based diet eats for their health and are not so consumed with animal cruelty.  Don't get me wrong, most of us that started our journeys have come to learn that the animal cruelty is horrific, as I learned early on in my journey.  My eyes were opened to horrible things that go on, and I don't know if I was just stupid, or didn't really know what went on.  I will never go back to eating animals.  Now I walk through the meat department, and it turns my stomach.  It's just a glorified graveyard.  

     So to get back to bees.  I agree that in the industrial world of money and keeping bees there are practices that are anything but good.  However, there are local farmers with local honey that provide honey.  If you do eat honey it should be local,   Honey contains antioxidants and phytonutrients that are  good for us, and helps those that have allergies.  Some say that honey is bee vomit.  Give me a break.  It is regurgitated from the bees, but guess what folks it is bee pollen from PLANTS!  That is all it is!  It can help with digestive issues, contains vitamins and minerals, topical salve and cough suppressant.   Why wouldn't you want to eat this!  

     If you don't eat honey for whatever reason great, but be kind and compassionate towards those of us that do.  In the bible there are many references to honey.  If God says it's good, then I believe it is.  Just now days watch who you buy it from.  Store bought honey contains, sugar, corn syrup, and is heated.  You want raw honey!

     I'm posting a video from a vegan, who does a lot of research into gardening and such.  This video is about a lady in Florida that has a habitat in her yard for local animals and insects.  She is a raw vegan and keeps bees, and uses their honey.  It is very informative.  Please by open minded and do your research.  Enjoy!  Let me know in the comments below what you think of this issue.  


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Anonymous said...

I used to keep bees in my backyard--even after I stopped eating animals and their products. I never slaughtered my bees--not even one. I cannot think of any beekeeper would do that. It would end their honey harvest. We stopped keeping bees because we decided we didn't really like hone and don't eat sweets at all anyway. Without all the beekeepers around the world who carefully care for their bees and providing safe hives for them to raise baby bees, it is likely the bee population around the world would plummet. Then, there would be no vegetables (beans, grains, greens, other veggies, or fruit) for anyone to eat--not animals, not people, not birds. Life would cease to exist or at least be greatly reduced.