I Made a Mistake

     On Thursday I had to begin prepping for a Colonoscopy.  Oh joy!  I had to just have clear liquids the whole day.  I couldn't drink just vegetable broth because really that stuff is just nasty all alone.  I love it in soups with other vegetables, but by it self it has no taste, and no satisfaction.  So chicken broth it was.  I also ate a lot of jello.  Do  you know where jello comes from?  Bones of animals.  I tried not to think about that.  I was hungry!  Come to find out there is vegan jello at stores now.  I certainly didn't know that until it was too late to get any.  Next time!

Image result for surprised face     So that whole day I drank.  Then came the awful drink...Magnesium Citrate.  This stuff is nasty, and the kind I got was lemon flavored.  There is no way to cover up the taste, and I tried to put it in soda.  ICK!  The soda pop was too sweet for me.  I hadn't had it in over 6 weeks.  Magnesium Citrate is a sodium solution to help a person empty their bowels to get ready for surgery or colonoscopies.  Boy does it do that!  I should have just sat on the toilet with a blanket the whole night because I certainly didn't sleep!  It cleaned me out.  Sorry, I know it's a bit gross, but it was real!

     At the start of midnight I was to not drink or eat anything including gum or mints.  By this time my stomach was growling big time.  My last sip of water was at midnight.  Then the next morning I was asked to be at the hospital by 9:30am.  I had zero energy, and my sweet husband drove me to the hospital.  When I was all prepped and ready to go, I had to wait an additional hour and a half because as usual you always have to wait for the doctor.  By the time the staff took me in, I was exhausted and starving!  My blood pressure was 118/74!  I was tickled about that!  It hasn't been that low in a very long time!  My blood sugar was 107, and that is normal for me.  I have never been on insulin, and I want to keep it that way.

     The staff gave me my drugs to help me relax.  The Versed also makes it so you forget most of what happens.  Most of it I did forget, but I was able to watch the screen above my head and watch the procedure!  I know I'm weird, but I found it fascinating!  lol  I saw the inside of my colon, and because I had researched what a polyp looks like, I knew what to look for.  There weren't any!  No biopsies were done!  It's healthy!  For that I'm so grateful!

     So we came home, and I was starving!  I had a nap because I was sooooo tired, and then my husband bless his heart went to get pizza.  Yeah I know, but it was better that eating the couch!  He got me roses and ice cream.  Ben & Jerry's to be exact, and my favorite flavor Cherry Garcia.  How could I resist?  The pizza was thin crust vegetarian, so that was better than some other ones.  It tasted so good, and I polished off the pint of ice cream!  Ugh!  I went to bed at 9:00pm, and didn't wake up until 7:00am.  I felt refreshed and so much better.  I vowed to never eat that way again.  It made me feel lethargic with a headache.

     We all make mistakes, which should remind each of us that we aren't perfect.  If you fall off that wagon, climb back on and keep riding!    


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