Vacationing and Eating Right

     This past weekend my husband, my son and his wife and baby girl went to Boise for my in-laws 60th wedding anniversary.  We left on Friday night and returned Sunday.  It was a 950 mile round whirlwind of a trip.  It was so much fun to be with my son and daughter in law, and my sweet grand baby.  I worried what I would eat during this trip, but we came prepared with snacks and places we could go to eat out.  We took a cooler with us, and in that cooler we had cut up cantaloupe in a bowl, and some bananas.  I also picked up a bag of what is called Bare at Costco.  They are dried apples with no oil or sugar added.  I also had some seaweed chips.

     We arrived at my son's house around 8:00 am, because my husband had to do some work in their town, so I sat with my daughter in law and son and visited with them and enjoyed the grand baby.  Since my son is also eating this way, his wife made a yummy cream of broccoli soup, much like the one I made before but with potatoes instead of cashews.  It was yummy.

     My husband got back about 1:00, and we left after my son got home from school around 3:00.  We drove until our tummies started to growl, so we stopped at the nearest Subway.  I had decided before we stopped that I was going to get a sandwich that was compliant to the way I wanted to eat.  I ordered a foot long veggie sub, no cheese with some sweet teriyaki sauce and vinegar on whole wheat bread.  Now I know that their bread is overly processed, but under the circumstances I did the best I could.  I ate the whole thing and was satisfied.  I didn't drink pop, water was the beverage of choice.

     We arrived super late to Boise, so no need to eat again until morning.  My sister in law put us up for the night.  We got up fairly early the next day and went to Denny's for breakfast before heading to the in laws to surprise them.  They didn't know we were coming!  We were pretty excited about this visit.  Now Denny's is hard.  There are no choices for a plant based dieter.  I ordered an veggie omelet amde with egg whites, English muffin, and fresh fruit.  I could have had fried potatoes, but I didn't want all the extra oil.  Instead I got the fruit which was perfect.  I didn't eat all the egg, but loved the veggies of spinach, mushrooms, zucchini, and peppers.  I ate 1/2 the English muffin, and was stuffed.
     We arrived to my in laws, and my father in law cried when he saw his first great grandchild.  We all were crying.  It was a perfect surprise.  We spent the good part of the morning with them before the rest of the family came.  My husband has 5 siblings!  It was awesome to be there, and to renew our acquaintances.  Then came lunch.  My sister in laws have been watching my facebook site and decided before they ordered lunch that they would order something plant based for those of us that ate this way.  They also ordered lasagna and fettuccine.  I had a taste of the lasagna, but mostly ate salad and bread sticks.  The lunch was from the Olive Garden.  The salad was yummy, but I like so much more in it besides just lettuce and a few tomatoes, onions and olives.  Hey I stayed on track!  Then came the cake.  I only had a tiny slice.  I knew when I got back I would have to start back 100%, which I have.

     There are a lot of groups on facebook that are crazy about never straying from this way of this type of eating.  My opinion of this is; once in a while is not going to hurt you.  One meal, one treat... When you get back to home you can start up again.  Sometimes it can be difficult, but remember the reasons why you are eating this way to begin with.  Is it for your health?  Is it for the animals?  Whichever you choose just come back, and if by chance you don't think you can, then don't cheat.  I personally feel it is better to have family and friends than to not enjoy yourself and eat what they are eating just once.  I did really well in not going overboard.

     The picture below is not from our trip.  It is from another restaurant on another day, but if you talk to your waiter that works at the restaurant you are in, sometimes there is a chance that they will have what you need, and a lot of places are catching the vision of plant based diets.  Also check online at If you do  your homework before you get there, then you can find places around you that comply with your way of eating, and know that you have choices without wrecking havoc on your decisions.  Often times we go to Cafe Rio, where I just order a taco salad with more beans in place of the meat.  It can be done!  


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