I Have Cravings!

Image result for cravings     The last couple of weeks I have had cravings, and have succumbed to a couple.  Why is it happening?  It could be a lot of things.   Easter candy is my most favorite,  and I tried to get the smallest package I could so that number one it wasn't going to wreck havoc with my new lifestyle, and number two I didn't want it sitting in the house calling my name!

     My cravings are at night.  Web MD explains that cravings can be caused from stress.  http://www.webmd.com/diet/the-facts-about-food-cravings  That makes sense to me as I'm unemployed right now.  I have been unemployed since December, and while I'm collecting unemployment we all know it isn't quite enough to cover expenses.  

     It could also happen when a woman is menstruating or pregnant, but since I'm not riding that train anymore, that couldn't be the cause.  Phew!

     So why do we crave fat, sugar or salt?  And all the other things that aren't good for you?  OF COURSE....because they taste good!  They calm our nerves, or comfort us when stressed or sad, and because they are empty calories the junk doesn't fill us up so we eat more and more until we are sick or have gained too much weight.  Have you ever noticed that you could eat junk after having a filling meal?  My mom used to say, there is always room for ice cream or pudding because it just fills in the cracks.  I sure miss her, and I used to say that to my kids!

Image result for cravings     So what do you do about these cravings?  Do you just give in?  Well, I have tried very hard to have healthy snacks in the house.  I have gotten rid of all the junk food that contains sugar.  Sugar is a big problem for me.  If it isn't in the house, then I won't eat it.  Okay, but what happens at the store? Don't even walk down those isles!  With a whole foods plant based diet, you should only be in the perimeter of the store anyway.  Fruits and veggies, frozen fruits and veggies etc.  I know, it's harder than it sounds, but I guess what has helped me is that I have to remember why I'm doing this.  I have to remember those lab results of my cholesterol and diabetes.  I have to remember that I want to get off all the medications I am on.  I want them gone for good!

     What kind of snacks do I have in my house?   I have frozen berries.  Pop them in your mouth and enjoy the sweet fruit while it melts in your mouth.  Berries are good because they are chucked full of antioxidants, and vitamin C.  Don't eat too much dried fruit, as the sugar content is concentrated in a small amount.

     Another favorite of mine is hummus!  If you don't know what hummus is, it's mushed up chickpeas.  Yeah, that doesn't sound too appetizing, but it's so good!  Stores carry it, or you can make your own that will contain less oil.  My favorite with hummus is raw broccoli, or carrots.  Because hummus is a bean, and we are suppose to eat 1/2 cups of beans a day because of the protein, it kills 2 birds with one stone.

     I LOVE nuts and seeds.  Be very careful with nuts as they contain a lot of oil, but they are good source of protein and will satisfy hunger.  I use seeds on my salads.  Hemp is my favorite and contains 10 grams of protein for 3 Tbls.

     I like to buy Medjool Dates.  I buy these at Costco, and they will last for weeks in the fridge.  When I'm craving something sweet I eat one of those.  They are creamy and really sweet, soft and chewy.  You can also make date syrup with them, and several other recipes.

     Our house loves popcorn.  This is a great snack as it's filling and satisfying.  Skip the butter and salt.

     Because I live in Idaho, we love potatoes.  My most favorite way is to cut them up in the shape of french fries, bake the in a 400 degree oven until crispy.  These are super filling.  Don't forget onion and garlic powder!  Yummy.

     All in all, we are human beings with down falls who make mistakes, but in the long haul it doesn't really matter.  A slip up is not life threatening and we shouldn't feel bad, nor give up.  We just need to climb back up on the wagon and keep riding.  

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