When You Eat Right Great Things Happen

     When I began this journey I was 25 pounds heavier.  I was lethargic and not too happy with myself.  It took me a while to get the hang of this lifestyle.  I tried recipes that were gross, bland and unsatisfying.  I had done some reading, but not a whole lot and I wasn't really listening to my body.  I still had those habits of my meat, and processed eating days.  I still went to friends and pigged out on whatever they were serving.  I didn't really see any progress.  Sure I lost some weight, but I thought it would happen much faster.  After all I was not eating meat, dairy, processed foods or oil.  Or was I cheating too much.  

     I don't know what clicked in my head, but lately I have been doing great.  I decided at one point that I would eat just half of whatever I was eating at the time.  So if I ate a whole sandwich I only ate half.  Then just recently I started only eating when I was hungry and it turns out that I don't get hungry at the normal breakfast, lunch and dinner times.  

     Some mornings I get up and I'm famished, and other days not so much.  So what do I eat in a day?
Yesterday I had a huge bowl of oats made with water and a smashed banana, and I threw some blackberries in and some cashew milk.  That filled me up.  Then I started making new recipes after going to the gym and working out.  I made tofu biscuits, and I had to have one.  Then I got hungry for lunch.  I think by this time it was 1:30.  I had corn on the cobb and a huge green salad with 3-2-1 salad dressing on it.  I was stuffed!!!!!  For dinner at around 5:00 I was hungry again so I made cream of potato soup with broccoli and ate a big bowl of that with roasted potatoes on top.  Around 8:00 pm I got the munchies, so I had 3 little mandarin oranges and a big hunk of banana bread from my recipes.  That seems like a lot, but it really wasn't and the scales this morning showed a loss.  

     What I have learned is this: if you eat the right foods ie starches at every meal, and lots of veggies with no oil, you become satisfied and your body doesn't get those cravings.  Many times when we eat the wrong foods we are never satisfied.  We want more and it's because of the chemicals, fat and sugar that are in the foods we eat.  They affect the dopamine in our brains telling us we want more.  Much like cocaine.  The food industries know exactly what they are doing to get us to buy more and more garbage.  

     I'm sold on a whole foods plant based diet.  It does a body good, and I feel so much better than I did.  I will never return to the foods I grew up on.  I'm not lethargic anymore, I sleep better and I'm losing weight!  As of today I'm down 23 pounds!   

This was breakfast this morning.  I was starving.  I tried to put some cooked potatoes on the griddle and I should have put a smidge of coconut oil on the griddle.  Needless to say they stuck to the pan, but they still tasted good!  Also a huge plate of stir fried veggies fried in water.  Add some garlic, onion powder and a tad of salt and pepper.  Then because I was still hungry I had a piece of Dave's Killer Bread toast with some almond butter on top and flax.  I'm still kind of hungry so I guess I will eat a banana.  Just listen to your body, and great things will happen!

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