I was diagnosed with diabetes when I was pregnant with my last baby at age 36.  My doctor called it gestational diabetes.  The doctor at that time told me to watch my sugar intake and I would be fine, that they would keep an eye on it.  I ate sugar free everything, and I lost 15 pounds.  Because of the diabetes I also suffered from with high blood pressure and was sentenced to the last 8 weeks of my pregnancy in bed only to be on my left side and only to get up to when I absolutely had to.  Now, mind you I already had a 3 year old and a 20 month old.  It was a big hurdle to do as the doctor commanded.  I made it through with the help of my husband, mom, and my church.  It was a long two months.

     My last child was my biggest baby weighing in at a hefty nine lbs.  Not bad considering most babies are huge when a mother is diagnosed with gestational diabetes.  He was delivered via C-section and two weeks early, so I guess he could have been bigger had he been full term.

     I was warned after our youngest son was born that my body could convert to type ll diabetes if I didn't control my carbs, and didn't keep my weight off.

     I did pretty well for a very long time, but in my late forties I started to convert to being diabetic.  We all know what happens to a body as we age.  We become more sedentary.  Things start tasting really good, and since I knew my husband loved me, why would it matter if I gained weight.  The weight kept creeping up.  However, I controlled the diabetes with weight and exercise.  If I got a bit heavier, I would go on a diet and my weight would go down and so I was able to control it.

     The last visit at the doctors was a bit unsettling.  My blood pressure was up, and so was my A1C.  Now what in the heck is A1C you ask?.  It is a blood test that doctors can run that tells what a person's blood sugar is over a 3 month period.  It's actually a miracle in my book.  At any rate my number was 7.8.  Normal ranges are 4-5.6%.  I knew I had to do something.  These tests were done just 3 weeks after I started eating a whole foods plant based diet.  I knew the diet (lifestyle) would do the job if I just stuck with it.  However, I was eating a ton of carbs!  I'm eating potatoes, rice, whole grains etc.  My sister said her doctor told her to stay away from potatoes as it was like eating a bowl of sugar, and she is on insulin.

     I started do some research on how things that are natural in nature could cause such havoc in our bodies.  I started reading a book by Dr. Neal Barnard entitled Dr. Neal Bernard's Program for Reversing Diabetes.  He has done extensive research on the hows and whys of people that are eating a diet from ADA (American Diabetes Association) and why it wasn't working.  Why doctors were having to prescribe more and more drugs to help people.  Also Michael Greger who wrote How Not to Die.  He refers to The China Study written by T. Collin Cambell.  I'm trying to get through all of them.  All good reads here. Here is a video as well that helps explain what they have found.

     At any rate Neal Barnard states that meat causes blood sugar spikes because the fat in meat clogs the cells much like gum in a lock clogs the lock.  The insulin cannot enter the cells causing issues with blood glucose.

     Diabetes causes heart disease, blood pressure problems, not to mention losing limbs, lose of vision, kidney troubles, neuopathy in your feet of which I have.  It's not fun at all.

     I haven't been back to have my A1C tested, but my blood pressure has come down significantly and was recorded yesterday at 110/72!

     This lifestyle is an adjustment, but why would you want to eat any other way, when you have diabetes, cancer or high blood pressure.  Physicians don't have extensive training in nutrition.  I know because I checked the curriculum of several medical schools.  They touch on it, but unless they do their own study and research they don't know all there is to know about nutrition.  New studies are coming out more and more. After working as a Medical Assistant, I can see why physicians don't have the time to sit down with patients to discuss diet.  New insurances have made it nearly impossible, making it so doctors have to see more patients in a day to make up the money they once did.   I'm not saying to stop your meds, I'm saying do your own research, go to your doctors and ask them what they think. Type ll diabetes can be reversible.

     I feel amazing since giving up ALL animal products, by eating legumes, whole grains, fruits and vegetables which are natural and not processed.  I should probably go in in the next month or so to have my A1C checked again, and will give you the results.  

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Ingunn said...

I had gestational diabetes with my first pregnancy but seem to have avoided it this time around (but I'm still monitoring my glucose values in case my hormones suddenly go bonkers). I lost 30 lbs right before this second pregnancy on a whole food plant based diet which got my A1C down to 4.5, I assume that's why I was able to avoid the diagnosis this time even though I haven't exactly been eating like a saint during the actual pregnancy!

Looking forward to following your journey!