The Difference Between V and V

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     My hubby and I came back from Salt Lake City this past week, and we had lots of discussion about the way we have chosen to eat.  We always have great discussions, and we always read
from some of my favorite books like The Starch Solution, The China Study, and How to Reverse  Diabetes. We always learn something new.
     One question that my husband asked and one that others have asked is what is the difference between vegans and vegetarians.  This is my understanding.  Vegetarians eat lots of veggies and fruit, but they also consume dairy and eggs.  Which I don't totally understand, if you are going to give up things why not just give up everything that is bad for you, but..... to each their own.

     Vegans on the other hand are a bit more complicated.  When I started this whole adventure, I was considered to be plant based, meaning I didn't give up meat and dairy for the animals.  Being plant based is mainly for health reasons.  As a plant based eater we also try, (notice I say try) to not eat anything processed like oils or junk food.  Vegans eat oils, and junk food.  Vegans can and will eat oreos, potato chips, coke, etc.  They are PETA people, and I don't mean people eating tasty animals. They will fight to the death to save animals which after I started this I learned so much about the cruelty that happens to the animals people eat, and I have to agree that what happens is awful.  I don't think I would protest a farm though as I'm kind of a chicken.

       I have been on facebook groups where stanch vegans will get into arguments about leather and handbags.  I can say this, that I don't agree with what goes on, but arguing and carrying on gives people the hebbie jebbies.  To me it's a big turn off.  I would rather educate people and lead by example.  Just the way I am.

     I have also been kicked off a McDougal group for asking a question about oil, and why a tsp would hurt you.  This to is an insult and a turn off.  When people ask for help, why not offer all you know without getting your undies in a twist.

     I'm happy and proud that I am a whole foods plant based eater.  This lifestyle has changed my life and the lives of my family.  Really that's all that matters.


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