My husband and I went to Whole Foods today to get a salad.  (I think it will be a while before we do that again)  Dang expensive!  It was very good though!

     I just like to walk around that store, and look at all the fun things.  It's amazing to me, that food has changed since I was a kid.  I remember eating bolony and cheese sandwiches, and at that time we didn't know anything about nitrates, which is the big proponent of cancer.  We didn't think at all about how cheese affects your body.  The science wasn't there.  I also remember how cheap it was for my parents to by halibut, and oh how I loved that fish!  Again no science.

     As in a lot of grocery stores they have tables set up to sample new products.  We talked with a lady selling a new bar made with dates.  Nothing can replace my Lara Bars!  Anyway...... we got to talking to this lady about our plant based diets.  She said I'm mostly plant based, but I eat fish.  "How can you not eat fish" she says.  "It's so healthy!"  She talked about being vegan, but in the same breath said that fish was good for you.  Is it?

     Okay, I will admit when we lived up in North Idaho we did consume fish as we thought it was the healthier alternative to red meat.  I also ate a lot of fish growing up, because we were led to believe that it was healthly!   As I have come to find out through research, it is not a healthier alternitive.  Fish has just as much saturated fats that any other meats do.  The other problem with fish, is it also has high levels of mercury, and pollutants from our oceans and lakes.  We just watched What The Health on Netflix, and they talk a great deal about fish.  I highly recommend watching this film. So informative!

 According to Dr. John McDougall:

      Fish is high in animal protein and the kinds of protein that make up fish are very acidic in nature. The high acid load caused by the ingestion of fish results in bone loss, which eventually leads to osteoporosis.7  Eskimos are among the highest consumers of fish on Earth; they also have the highest rates of osteoporosis of any people on our planet.  After the age of 40 years, Eskimos of both sexes have from a 10% to 15% greater bone loss than do whites in the US of the same age.8  The Eskimos consume up to 2,500 mg of calcium a day, mostly in the form of fish bones – this large calcium intake is offset by the high protein content (250 to 400 grams a day) – much of this coming from fish.

The complete article,

     I have learned so much over the last year and a half about how this lifestyle is so much better than how I was eating as a kid, but again the science wasn't there when I was a kid.   There was no education about things we put into our bodies.  It makes perfect sense to me.  It's like putting the wrong fuel in a car!    I'm so thankful that now we have cleaned up our diets, and are becoming healthier and healthier.

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