Preparing for Vacation

     It's summer and you have so many plans to get away for a break from the norm.  This week we are leaving for a dream vacation with a couple of our dear friends.  We have been planning this trip to Hawaii for a whole year, and it's finally here!  Tickets are bought, condo is rented and we are so excited!

     This morning, I decided to look online to see if vegan options are available in Hawaii.  Last year at this time, when we originally decided to do this, I didn't give it much thought to the food situation because I wasn't really a strict eater, but now the thought of eating meat turns my stomach.  It doesn't even taste good anymore.  So I decided to look into the food that most Hawaiians eat.

     The traditional food in Hawaii is Poi.  It's a starchy vegetable.  Have you ever experienced Poi?  When I was a young girl, I was invited to a Tongan Luau.  That was my first experience with the infamous Poi.  It wasn't a great experience.  It is a grayish green glop and really didn't have much flavor.  I know my tastes have changed, but we shall see!  I guess I'm willing to try it again!

     I looked at a site online to see what the top 13 dishes are in Hawaii, and let me tell you it doesn't look very promising for a vegan diet.  Take a look.  Poi is listed!

     Then..... I looked to see what vegans are eating on the island.  Fruit!  Lots and lots of fruit!  Rice, sweet potatoes, shaved ice, and of course pineapple!   I love Sweet Simple Vegan YouTubers, and I knew that they had just got back from Hawaii so I checked them out.  I guess I won't be buying a watermelon for 27.00!  Yikes!

     For all those that don't know, there is also an app that you can get called Happy Cow.  You can get it for your smart phone, or just look them up online.  It's 3.99 for your phone, but well worth it!  In this app, you can type in the city or zipcode, and it locates all the vegan restaurants in the area!  Very helpful!

     I will be posting to my facebook page, A Plant Friendly Diet for Better Health my experience in Hawaii.  If you are interested.  Come on over there and like my page!



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