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Happy New Year! 

     With each new year comes new resolutions, and I'm no different.  I'm still eating a plant based diet, I'm still plugging along.  I haven't fallen too far off the mark.  I will admit, over the holidays I did indulge.  It is so hard not to!

     January comes around and we all try new things.  Hopefully we study them out to make sure whatever we want to do isn't too bad.  This is where I come in.  I have been reading the book, Eat To Live by doctor Joel Furhman.  He is one of the plant based doctors that is an youtube, and has books published on Amazon. 

     I remember years ago, my friend gave me his book, but I was in no place at the time to take it seriously.  I was raising children, eating the SAD Standard American Diet. Eating just plants was so far off in left field for me at that time!  I guess you should never say never.

     So here I am years later eating a far better diet than ever before, researching new things and hoping something will help get this weight off.  I had seen some girls on youtube sharing their experiences with the Nutritarian lifestyle, so I got his book, and dived right in.  There is a wealth of information in this book.  Then I found a challenge that was on youtube by a girl names Cheri, and she has the Watering Mouth youtube channel.

     I gave it a shot, and I so far after 2 weeks have lost 6 pounds.  I seem to loose a pound a day!  I have been stuck for well over a year!  My cravings are gone, I'm off sugar, oil and salt.  I eat HUGE meals, and I'm awe struck.  How could this be?  All while eating avocado, nuts and seeds. 

     Let me tell you how.  It is a high nutrient diet.  You eat large amounts of greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, berries and seeds.  He calls these G-BOMBS.  The goal is to eat 1 lb of raw a day, and 1 lb of cooked veggies a day.  He suggests eating a very large salad before your lunch and dinner, however I eat one large salad and cooked veggies usually for dinner.  You can also eat all the fruit you want, but are supposed to eat at least 4 a day.  No snacking in between meals.   You can have starch, and grains but together only equaling 1 cup per day. 

     I'm not going to lie, this is a hard lifestyle.  The prep is a bit crazy!  The first week was extremely hard.  I still went to work half starved because I wasn't eating enough.  I started drinking a green smoothie with a lot of fruit in it, and it helped a lot!  Over time though, your body starts to adjust, it starts responding to this new way of eating.  The energy is awesome, I sleep like a baby, and for the first time in over a year I'm losing weight again.  I miss the potatoes, but I have really noticed something and learned more about myself that I didn't know or admit to before.  I'm a foody, or a food addict.  I craved sugar daily, I no longer have that need!  Will I go back to the other way, the starch diet?  Probably not.  I was not eating enough veggies on that lifestyle.  I was still eating white flour, and not getting enough of the stuff that is high in nutrients.  His books is fascinating.  It's a good read.  It's not for everyone, but it certainly won't hurt you to try it out!  I have gotten to the point of craving salads, and cooked veggies!  You will notice on the pyramid below that he allows some animal products.  I don't indulge on those at all, but you still can! 

     Our bodies are miraculous.  Give them what they need, and they will respond! 


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