Corona Virus and Boosting Your Immunity

     Wow, things have gotten crazy in this world lately haven't they, and I'm sure you are thinking I don't want to read anything that has to do with the corona virus.  I know that I am just so done with hearing about all the destruction it has caused.  I watch the news, and my skin just crawls with what is going on, and I get freaked out.  I want to know what is going on in the world, but I think it is important to step away, regroup and do what you can to help yourself to stay healthy.  You can't control everyone else, but you can help yourself!

     It is so important now days to have a good immune system.  I'm sure you have heard, or maybe not that our health comes from our guts.  The microbiome is what makes us healthy or not.  I was listening to a podcast yesterday while I was out for my walk, and a doctor Angie Sadeghi was speaking with Elisa Lee.  If you want to listen to her podcasts they are amazing.  The podcast is called Eat to Live Daily.  It is a nutritarian lifestyle, and so informative.  Anyway, the doctor is a gastroentrologist and has done extensive study on how the gut microbiome helps us or makes us sick.  She talks about leaky gut.  When we eat foods that contain saturated fats, it causes holes in our gut, and allows us to become diseased.  I have heard this episode probably 3-4 times and each time I get something different out of it.  It is Episode 30 for those that want to hear it.  Truly fasinating. 

      I also watched a video on YouTube from Shine With Plants.  She talks about ways that we can boost our immune systems.  Here are 6 ways to do so. 

     1. Sleep and Relaxation - how many of us get enough sleep?  I have many friends that work graveyard shifts.  I know they don't get enough.  I try hard to get at least 7 hours a night.  You are more likely to get sick if you don't get enough sleep when exposed to viruses. 

     2. Stress - how do you become less stressed out in this craziness right now.  I have one, turn off the news!  Enjoy family time right now.  Focus on things you have control on.  Count your blessings!  Say your prayers if you are a praying person, I know it comforts me.

     3. Exercise DAILY!  This one is hard for me especially while I work at the hospital 12 hours a day, I try to take the stairs on those days and walk around the building when I can.  Exercise helps to maintain our health.  There are free videos on youtube, yoga, cardio, dance videos etc.  Find something you love.  Taking my dog for a walk is what I do, and listening to podcasts.

     4.  Eat a healthy diet.  Do I need to say more?  This should be a long time lifestyle.  I have been eating a ton of salad lately, I can't get enough!  I crave them now, and there are a lot of vitamins and minerals that help our guts microbiome.  I really love raw foods.  Also incorporate more green veggies.  Dark leafy greens are gold and will strengthen your immune system.  Very healing. 

     5. Drink more water.  This is so important as your body is 70% water.  When my kids were little, and they caught a cold I would always tell them to flood their bodies until your pee is clear, and it will flush out that bug..  So important to stay hydrated. 

     6 Vitamin C.  If possible eat the whole foods and not necessarily the vitamin pills.  Oranges, red peppers, kiwi, broccoli etc.  You can take vitamin C if you need an extra boost.  When I had shots in my knees, the doctor had me take an extra dose of vitamin C to help my body heal.  Good stuff!

     7. Vitamins D and zinc - get some sunshine is the best way to get vitamin D.  I take it daily as well.  It's a hormone, not a vitamin.  Don't take too much though, moderation in all things.  Zinc is good for human function.  Cashews, pumpkin seeds and legumes are a great source for zinc.

     8. Probiotics.  This is one thing that I struggle with.  I think I'm going to make some sauerkraut.
The Shine with Plants video is right below.

     Another video that is helpful is from some doctors here in Idaho who work in a functional medicine clinic.  Functional medicine docs go about things in a much more natural way.  In this video they talk about what to eat to starve off this virus.  Excellent video below.

     I wish you all all well.  Try not to stress out about this.  Keep yourself well, take notice of how to live your lives right now.  Stay home, when you are out keep social distancing.  Get healthy because now is the time!

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