How Can People Be So Closed Minded!!!

     I was talking with a friend on facebook this morning about diet and diabetes.  She has diabetes.  She takes a lot of medicines for her disease.  I have talked to her about it before that if she would only change her diet, she could rid herself of the drugs that she takes.  She told me to STOP!

     About a year ago, I was caring for a lady that was crippled by MS.  Her hands were starting to curl inward, and it was all she could do to feed herself.  I was there to use a hoyer lift, (pictured below)
Image result for hoyer liftto help her use the bathroom which was a commode next to her bed.  When she was diagnosed there was a doctor, and I can't remember his name who discovered that MS could be cured with a plant based diet.  I asked her if she had tried it, and she said no because it hadn't been proven, and that a plant based diet was too much work.  Her husband is diabetic, and eats a horrible diet consisting of processed garbage.  He has to work, and do the cooking as she is just not able to do it, and he isn't willing to eat a healthy diet.

     My sister and I have talked a lot about diet and diabetes.  She told me she just doesn't want to be bothered that it's too much work, and she is too old to care.

     What is wrong with people???  Why would a person want to stay sick, and live a life of pills or shots?

     Does food really matter?  Can diet change our bodies?  YES!!!  A hundred time YES!  There are many articles about diet and reversing diabetes.  I have worked with people whose lives have been changed because of a plant based diet.  I worked with a couple, and maybe I have written this before and if I have I apologize.  The gentleman of whom I am referring to had kidney function of 21%.  He was headed for dialysis.  He spent a great deal in the bathroom while I was visiting with him for a 2 hour stretch of time.  He and his wife started this way of eating (notice I don't call it a diet), and he is reversing his diabetes.  His function last I heard was 47%!!!!  His doctors are amazed!

     Another couple had issues with triglycerides being too high. 2 months after starting a plant based diet his triglycerides are within normal range.

     So why is it, that people are so closed minded to this?  What are they afraid of?  If you want my opinion, it's because they are just plain stuck in a rut.  They don't have the time to research, they don't want to give up animal products.  They don't think it will help.  There are a million excuses as to why people don't want to eat this way.

     This morning I had to go to the doctor for a bladder infection, and let me tell you the last thing I want to do is take medicine.  I know that if I didn't have to go to work tomorrow I could get it under control with some unsweetened cranberry juice, but I have to work a twelve hour shift tomorrow and no sick time available to take care of this.  Same with my arthritis.  I'm doing all I can to steer away from medicine.  I just hate it, and why people don't want to take control of their health is beyond me.

     A whole foods plant based diet can and has reversed many problems.  I'm a firm believer that we are what we eat.  I also think that people have to be ready for the truth.  Maybe when their health gets really bad, and they are just sick and tired of being sick and tired.....  All I can do is be an example to those around me.



Unknown said...

My MIL broke her hip 3 years ago because of osteoporosis. She had 3 surgeries over 2 years to repair it. On the last surgery she had a stroke. She was a nurse for over 30 years. She is rather house bound anymore. We've talked about diet often but her comment is "food is the only pleasure I have left in life"

tim mark said...

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Chessie_S. said...

I just discovered your blog.

People are a mystery. Many years ago I knew a woman who was diabetic and considered a 'severe' case. I think she took 35 units of injected medication per day. Going on a strict plant based diet she lost weight and reduced her units to 4 per day and was on track to stop medication entirely in a few months.
When I saw her several months later she was back to eating a standard american diet and saying the people who were afraid of needles were just sissies and needed to toughen up.
A mystery.

naomi3 said...

Wow Chessie,

I'm so glad you found my blog. If you don't mind me asking, how did you find it?

That is crazy about that woman! I would much rather eat healthy and be off of any kind of medicines.

Truly a mystery.

Thanks for commenting!

James harper said...

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